Technological Innovation.

The basic principle

Hoterway accumulates heating during a bath through the phenomenon of phase change of a material, a process that occurs inside the shower column whith the hot water flow inside the equipment.

This accumulated heat is used at the beginning of the next bath to heat the cold water in the pipe. The reversal of the phase change process releases this heat at a constant temperature. 

The phase change process is fully reversible and there is therefore no degradation in the thermal capacity of the Hoterway. 

The phase change

The phase change of the accumulation material takes place inside the thermal batteries, within the Hoterway. Thermal batteries are formed by a heat exchanger that has the water circuit inside and the heat accumulation material on the outside.

The video presents the two moments of operation of the product: the discharge phase in which the material passes from the liquid state to the solid state, releasing heat and the load phase in which the material passes from the solid state to the liquid state, accumulating heat.