Hoterway throughout the house.

The Hoterway for the entire home.

Hot water in every tap with no waiting and no wasting.

Hoterway IN system is a global solution that ensures instant hot water to all taps in the home.

It consists of a set of thermal batteries installed in the compartment served by hot water and a central module installed next to the hot water heating/storage point.

Comfort and efficiency.

Hoterway IN ensures hot water without waiting 24 hours a day, 365 days a year without wasting energy.

Hoterway IN thermal battery.

Fully passive operation based on a thermodynamic phase change process.

The thermal battery is connected to the DHW circuit and the return circuit, and the output is connected to the room thus providing DHW to the consumption points instantaneously with no associated energy consumption.

Heat preservation between uses is ensured by high efficiency thermal insulation achieved with vacuum panels that ensure a heat loss of less than 20% in 24 hours.

In addition to the water connections, the system integrates a controller, two temperature sensors, and a local solenoid valve that will allow the return circuit to be activated temporarily and only in that compartment in situations where the consumption profile does not ensure the full recharge of the battery passively.

This ensures that every time the user opens a tap in the room, the battery is charged and the water will always come out hot within the first few seconds. The controller is connected serially by cable (RS485 protocol) to the central Master system, located near the hot water storage/heating point.

Central Module IN Master

Control management and communication.

The central IN Master module manages the requests for support to the return circuit that are made by each of the compartments, managing the priority of responses and the activation of the circulation pump.

As an option, a communication module can be integrated with the exterior that will send to a database all the information from the system, allowing access to the status in each compartment, recorded temperatures, and history of requests for support to the circulation circuit.

The circulation pump operates for short periods of time at maximum capacity (it is not necessary to use variable flow pumps). The electrical panel includs a power supply, a relay and a circuit breaker for general system shutdown. The central IN Master module interacts with each of the compartments with a serial link cable .

Elegance and simplicity

The Hoterway IN thermal battery should be installed as close as possible to the points of consumption in the room, and maintenance access should only be provided to the top of the thermal battery.

The access cover is composed of a wall mounting ring and a removable cover that provides maintenance access allowing to replace/check the electrovalve and temperature sensors with minimal aesthetic impact.