All the comfort,

Zero waste.

Hot water in the 1st second

No connection to electricity

Simple installation

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Hot water from the first second, without electricity connection!

Every detail is designed to give you a unique experience of comfort and sustainability, day after day.

Living the Experience

You probably never imagined that the perfect bath was possible. The Hoterway offers the ultimate sensation, in a moment that is all yours!

Comfort that feels

At any time of the day, at the temperature you want, with hot water from the first second. Perfection in liquid form!

Through Sustainability

Designed to be completely self-contained, the Hoterway has no electrical connection! It recharges heat only with use during bathing.

Liters of drinking water


204 € wasted per year

15.788 L of drinking water

760 kWh  of energy

Example for a family of 3, living in Lisbon with an electric water heater.

One bath at a time to preserve and save the most precious commodity in the world!

Hoterway ONE

With its minimalist design and round lines, Hoterway ONE keeps up with aesthetic trends with a fully adjustable showerhead.

Let yourself be carried away by sustainable modernity (or modern sustainability) and reinvent your shower with hot water from the very first moment.

Hoterway HOTBOX

With two outlets, a head shower and a hand shower, HOTBOX features a compact design with straight lines.

Enjoy the perfect symbiosis between the ultimate in comfort and maximum efficiency of the HOTBOX.

Hoterway WALL

WALL is a built-in solution that requires no maintenance, and can be installed inside the wall without any access point.

Reinvent your bath with hot water from the very first moment.

The disrruptive technology

The Hoterway accumulates heat during the bath through the phenomenon of phase change of a material, a process that occurs inside the bath column with the passage of hot water.

This accumulated heat is used at the beginning of the next bath to heat the cold water in the tubing. Reversing the phase change process releases this heat at constant temperature.

The phase change process is totally reversible and therefore there is no degradation in the thermal capacity of the Hoterway.


Is it compatible with any bathroom?

Yes, Hoterway column is compatible with any type of shower that has the hot and cold water points on the wall (accessible).
It can be installed in showers and bathtubs, in cases of water outlets below 80cm’s we recommend the installation of the bathroom fitting accessory, available for both models.

Should the installation be done by a professional?

Hoterway shower column is designed to be installed by an untrained person in about two hours following the installation procedure provided. However, technical service for installation may be required.

What is the life cycle of the Hoterway?

Hoterway has a 10-year warranty and an infinite theoretical life cycle thanks to the basic principle of heat accumulation, which is fully reversible and has no degradation of heat accumulation capacity.
Hoterway requires no maintenance whatsoever. If for any reason the thermal batteries become totally discharged, one use is enough to bring them back to full capacity.

How do I know if it will work in my house?

Hoterway is compatible with any water heating system with only one requirement for its operation: when the hot water reaches the shower, the temperature must be above 50ºC.
In some cases it may be necessary to make a small adjustment in the temperature of the heating system, a recommended practice.
This adjustment does not represent an increase in energy consumption.

How do I know if it has enough capacity?

Hoterway is capable of heating 12 liters of water, 24 hours after the last use (stagnation temperature 20ºC | hot water flow rate 8L/min).
With the help of a container you can check how much water comes out of your shower until hot water arrives. If it is above 12 liters, you will still have hot water when you turn on the tap. However, after the 12 liters have gone out, you will have a moment of warm water until hot water arrives.