Frequent Questions: Technology

What is the basic technology of Hoterway batteries?

Hoterway thermal batteries combine the thermodynamic characteristics of a specific material (Phase Changing Material) with a uniquely characteristic heat exchanger and patented geometry. The ability to accumulate heat at constant temperature allows you to use the thermal battery to provide heat to water when it is cold and absorb heat from the water when the water is hot.

How does Hoterway technology works?

The Hoterway is installed in the shower or as close as possible (for Wall solution) in order to heat the stagnant water in the pipes until hot water arrives to the tap. During this phase the phase changing material (initially in the liquid state) will change state releasing heat and instantly heating the water. As the heat is accumulated at constant temperature, hot water is supplied to the mixer at a temperature between 42 and 45˚C.

Where does the accumulated heat come from?

When hot water reaches the shower, the phase change process is reversed and the material change from solid to liquid state, taking advantage of the temperature of hot water supply that is at this time higher than the phase change temperature of the material. The accumulation of heat is imperceptible because it happens only in the range above 45˚C, that is, hot water is always supplied above 45˚C to the mixer.

Is Hoterway connected to electricity?

The Hoterway thermal battery is not connected to electricity or any additional source of energy using only the hot water flow during the bath to reset the heat.

What is the life cycle of the batteries?

Heat accumulation/release is based on a stable, fully reversible physical phenomenon that does not show any type of thermal degradation during the equipment’s lifetime. The thermal performance of Hoterway batteries has a 25-year warranty.

Is Hoterway compatible with all water heating systems?

Yes, the only requirement is for hot water to reach the bathroom at a temperature above 50˚C.

The distribution of sanitary hot water above 50˚C is a recommended practice that reduces the risks of legionella in the distribution network and does not increase energy consumption – a higher temperature will reduce the flow of hot water consumption (more cold water) to have water mixed at the same temperature, making the energy consumption the same.

What is the maximum time between baths?

In such an installation, the amount of water between the heating point and the point of consumption varies between 6 and 8 litres. This volume of water depends from house to house and can be easily measured with the bucket test (see bucket test). The Hoterway has the ability to heat 14 L of water after use (water stagnation temperature of 20˚C) and high efficiency thermal insulation (vacuum panels) ensures that thermal losses are reduced between baths – 24h after use the heating capacity is still 12  L.

In the product data sheet we present a graph with the heating capacity after a period without use and for different temperatures of water stagnation in the pipe.

Frequent Questions: Products

Are Hoterway shower columns compatible with any shower systems?

The ONE and HOTBOX shower columns are compatible with any type of shower systemas only with the exception of built-in showerheads. To install the Hoterway the user only has to have access to the hot and cold water connections on the wall to connect the flexible hoses to the column.

Can Hoterway shower columns be installed in showers and bathtubs?

Hoterway ONE and HOTBOX can be installed in showers and bathtubs, however it is important to check the height of the water outlets on the wall to determine the maximum shower height.

What is included in the purchase of Hoterway shower columns?

Hoterway ONE comes with a wall-fixing kit, flexible hoses connecting to the water outlets on the wall, the shower holder and the mixer plates.

The HOTBOX is supplied with a wall-fixing kit, flexible hoses connecting to the wall water outlets, a ceiling water spreader, a handheld showerhead holder, a shower derivative and two mixer plates.

The product installation has to be done by professionals?

The product is designed to be installed by a person without training in the area and takes a maximum of one hour to be installed. The installation operation is done according to the following steps:

  1. Turn off the general water supply and remove the existing shower system
  2. Make the markings to drill into the wall where you will attach the fixing kit to the wall
  3. Open the two holes in the wall and secure the two screws and the support plate supplied with the shower column
  4. Install the shower column on the wall-mounted kit
  5. Connect flexible hoses to wall water outlets
  6. Install the shower system
  7. Reconnect the general water supply

do Hoterway products need maintenance?

There is no need to perform any maintenance on the equipment or any product startup procedure. Simply install the product and it will be ready for use.

Can I keep the shower system I currently have?

You can keep your shower system current since neither ONE and HOTBOX shower columns require replacement of the mixer or shower system.

Is the water temperature in the Hoterway static or can it be regulated?

Hoterway heats the water before it reaches the mixer, i.e. you can continue to regulate the temperature of the water that will start hot immediately. If you choose the option with terstatic mixer, in addition to leaving hot water instantly, it will always come out at the temperature you set in the mixer.