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About Us


Our goal is to bring a fantastic new experience of comfort, to your bath, to your home, to your family while supporting your decision to save the planet, one Hoterway at a time.

We were born in 2015, and we could already say a few things about our short history. But what is important to say is that Heaboo was born with the concrete purpose of making an unparalleled contribution to building efficiency in an innovative, and all-natural way. We realized that we were in a position to take another step towards reducing our environmental footprint.

In a world where we talk daily about sustainability, reuse, reduction, and recycling of natural resources such as water, the Hoterway is transforming the way we view the bathing experience. Have you ever heard of the perfect shower? It's true, it exists, and we designed it!

Imagine yourself choosing the ideal temperature for your bath, opening the tap and as if by magic the water comes out instantly hot... ... Without wasting a single drop of water, with maximum comfort and without wasting energy. We have made what is too good to be true, a reality! For you and all your family.

For comfort, for sustainability, and with all humility, our goal will continue to be to support you in the best way in your daily life, while helping the planet at the same time.

With this goal in mind our vision for the coming years is clear:

We have the ambition to put a Hoterway in every bathroom.

We strive for comfort while paying the utmost attention to sustainability, we strive for no waste and reduced use of natural resources.

We want to inspire people to apply the principle of sustainability to their businesses and their lives so that the next generations will have a healthy world in which to live.



From customers, to suppliers, to our employees, Hoterway’s mission, vision and values quickly became the daily actions, decisions and practices that define and guide us.

We know there is much to do, we have a long way to go and many lives to change but we want to do it with you, change with you and be there to warm your home, instantly.