A new shower experience.

Comfort and ecology in a minimalist design.

Confort and savings.

Hoterway avoids the wasting of hundreds liters of drinking water every month. 

This innovative heat storage technology heats the cold water in the pipeline, eliminating the waiting time for hot water. 

Simple and robust. 

Hoterway technology is based on the accumulation of latent heat, related to the phase change process (liquid-solid). This process ensures that heat is stored at a constant temperature.

Hoterway thermal batteries have a constant thermal performance with a lifetime warranty.

Easy installation.

Hoterway shower columns are compatible with showers and bathtubs.

It is not necessary to do any type of work to install the product, just fix the system and connect the flexible hoses. 

Shower column ONE.

The ONE model is based on the original model created in 2016. The 2020 version is more compact and has a fully integrated ramp system inside the speaker body.

The minimalist design of round lines is presented in 2020 in a matt black finish in a structure entirely made of lacquered aluminum. 

Shower column HOTBOX.

The HOTBOX column combines a ceiling outlet with the hand shower in a compact design with straight lines.

The basic solution is provided with the ceiling shower and a tap that allows you to choose between the ceiling outlet and the hand shower.

Built-in solution.

Hoterway can also be built-in or installed in a technical compartment next to the shower.

The system does not require any maintenance and it is not necessary to ensure any outside access.

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