Instant Hot Water

No Electrical Connection

Turn on the tap and get hot water without waiting, and without wasting energy. 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

The Hoterway instantly heats the cold water that is standing in the piping between the shower and the heating system.


The Hoterway accumulates heat during the bath as the hot water passes through in a thermodynamic phase change phenomenon that takes place inside the bath column.

The accumulated heat is used in the next bath to heat the cold water in the pipe in a fully reversible process that ensures constant capacity over the years without any connection to electricity.

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Patented passive technology.

The stored heat instantly warms up the cold water in the pipes.

As soon as the hot water arrives, the Hoterway begins to replenish the heat for the next use without compromising the hot water supply.

The instant heating technology is totally passive, with no additional energy consumption.


The Hoterway throughout the house.

Hot water on all taps—no waiting, no waste.

The Hoterway IN system is a global solution that enables instant hot water to be supplied to all taps in the home.

It consists of a set of thermal batteries installed in the room served by the hot water and a central module installed next to the hot water heating/storage point.

Comfort and efficiency.

Hoterway IN ensures hot water without waiting, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and without wasting energy.

Hoterway IN thermal battery

Fully passive operation is based on a thermodynamic phase change process.

The thermal battery is connected to the DHW (domestic hot water) circuit and the return circuit, thus supplying instant hot water to the points of consumption with no associated energy consumption.

Heat preservation between uses is ensured by high-efficiency thermal insulation achieved with vacuum panels that ensure heat loss of less than 20% in 24 hours.

In addition to the water connections, the system includes a controller, two temperature sensors and a local solenoid valve that will allow the return circuit to be activated temporarily and only in that compartment in situations where the consumption profile does not ensure the battery is fully recharged passively.

This guarantees that every time the user turns on a tap, the battery is charged, and so the water will always come out hot within the first few seconds. The controller is wired in series (RS485 protocol) to the central Master system, located next to the hot water heating/storage point.

IN Master Central Module

Control and communication management.

The central IN Master module manages the requests for support for the return circuit made by each of the compartments, managing the priority of responses and the activation of the circulation pump.

As an option, an external communication module can be integrated, which will send all the system information to a database, allowing access to the status of each compartment, recorded temperatures and the history of requests for support for the circulation circuit.

The central module is connected to the modules in the rooms via a cable in a serial connection. The electrical panel supplied with the system is complemented by a set of basic components: a circuit breaker, a power supply, a relay, and a DHW circulator pump.

Elegance and simplicity

The Hoterway IN thermal battery should be installed as close as possible to the consumption points in the room, and it is only necessary to guarantee access for maintenance in the upper area of the thermal battery.

The access cover is made up of a wall mounting ring and a removable cover that allows maintenance access, allowing the solenoid valve and temperature sensors to be replaced/checked with minimal aesthetic impact.

FAQ - Product

How can I save with Hoterway IN?

In a conventional installation without a return circuit, the user has to open the tap to drain the cold water from the pipe until the hot water reaches the point of consumption, thus wasting several liters of drinking water every time they use hot water.

On the other hand, if this same installation has a return circuit (a conventional solution), more than 50% of the energy consumed to heat water will be wasted due to heat loss and the electrical consumption of the pump.

The Hoterway IN system is the only solution on the market that instantly heats stagnant water in the hot water pipe (which remains cold when there is no consumption), preventing water waste without increasing energy consumption.

Are there alternative solutions to the problem on the market?

The solutions available on the market are based on controlling the time of use of the return circuit, with the aim of reducing energy waste. Some systems detect hot water consumption and activate the return circuit to deliver hot water to the point of consumption, while other systems activate the pump based on user behavior.

However, none of the systems on the market offer a similar response to the continued use of the return circuit, i.e., reducing energy consumption at the cost of reduced comfort, and for this reason this highly inefficient practice is still used recurrently.

Hoterway IN provides instant hot water without the use of a recirculation pump, with the same response as a continuous-use return circuit but without the energy waste of this type of solution.

How is the system installed?

Hoterway IN systems require the thermal battery to be installed on site at the points served by hot water, either inside the wall or in a technical area of the room.

As it is maintenance-free, the IN thermal battery can be left inaccessible inside the wall with just the access cover in case the temperature sensors, solenoid valve or control unit need to be replaced.

In addition to the system components, it is also necessary to install the return pipe and the communication cable connected between the controllers and the Master.

What kind of information can I get from the AUDIT WAITING study?

The AuditWaiting tool provides a simplified analysis of the DHW distribution network, giving you the response times for hot water in each room. In this way, you will know at the design stage how long you will have to wait for hot water in each room.

In addition to the response times, you will also know how much water and energy you will waste if you don’t use a return circuit and how much energy you will waste if you do.

We will also present the appropriate Hoterway IN system with an indication of the consumption points where we recommend installing the Hoterway IN thermal battery and an analysis of the return on investment based on the proposed solution.

FAQ - Technology

What is the basic principle behind Hoterway IN thermal batteries?

Hoterway IN thermal batteries combine the thermodynamic characteristics of a specific material (phase change material) with a heat exchanger with unique characteristics and patented geometry.

The ability to accumulate heat at a constant temperature makes it possible to use the thermal battery to instantly heat the water, which remains cold in the pipe when there is no consumption, and then replenish this heat using only hot water.

How do Hoterway IN thermal batteries work?

Hoterway IN thermal batteries are installed in each room supplied with domestic hot water in order to heat the stagnant water in the pipes until the hot water arrives.

During this phase, the phase-change material (initially in a liquid state) will change state, releasing heat and instantly heating the water. As the heat is accumulated at a constant temperature, the hot water is supplied to the mixer at a temperature of between 42 and 45 ºC.

Where does the accumulated heat come from?

When the hot water arrives, the phase change process is reversed, and the material begins to change from a solid to a liquid state, taking advantage of the hot water supply temperature, which is now higher than the material’s phase change temperature.

Heat build-up is unnoticeable because it only happens in the range above 45 ºC, i.e., hot water is always supplied to the mixer above 45 ºC.

In the event that the consumption time does not ensure complete heat replacement, the system communicates with the central unit to request support from the recirculation circuit for a short time.

Are Hoterway IN thermal batteries connected to electricity?

No. The Hoterway IN thermal battery is not connected to electricity or any additional energy source, using only the flow of hot water during the shower to replenish the heat.

Hoterway IN integrates a solenoid valve, two temperature sensors and a controller.

What is the life cycle of Hoterway IN thermal batteries?

The accumulation and release of heat are based on a stable and totally reversible physical phenomenon that does not present any type of thermal degradation during the equipment’s useful life.

The thermal performance of IN batteries is guaranteed for 20 years.


All the comfort,

Zero waste.

Hot water at the first second

No electricity connection

Simple installation

See how it works

Every detail has been designed to give you a unique experience of comfort and sustainability, day after day.

Hoterway ONE

With its minimalist design and straight lines, Hoterway ONE keeps up with aesthetic trends with a fully adjustable shower head. Let yourself be carried away by sustainable modernity (or modern sustainability) and reinvent your shower with hot water from the very first moment.

Calculate the savings in your home.

Hoterway HOTBOX

With two water outlets, a ceiling shower and a hand shower, the Hoterway HOTBOX has a compact design with straight lines.

Enjoy the perfect symbiosis between the ultimate in comfort and the maximum efficiency of HOTBOX.

Calculate the savings in your home.

Hoterway WALL

Hoterway WALL is a built-in solution that requires no maintenance whatsoever and can be installed inside the wall without any access points.

Reinvent your bath with hot water right from the start.

Calculate the savings in your home.

Live the Experience

You probably never imagined that the perfect bath was possible. The Hoterway offers the ultimate sensation in a moment all your own!

Comfort you feel

At any time of day, at the temperature of your choice, with hot water from the first second. Perfection in liquid form!

For Sustainability

Designed to be totally autonomous, the Hoterway has no electrical connection! It recharges its heat just by using it in the shower.

Liters of drinking water


204 € wasted per year

15.788 L of drinking water

760 kWh  of energy

Example for a family of 3 living in Lisbon with an electric water heater.

One bath at a time to preserve and save the world’s most precious resource!

Sara Gil – Almada

Mário São Bento – Sintra

António Miguel – Mafra

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Frequently asked questions

Is it compatible with every bathroom?

Yes, the Hoterway column is compatible with any type of shower that has hot and cold water points on the wall.

It can be installed in showers and baths. In the case of water outlets below 80 cm, we recommend installing the bathroom fitting accessory, available for both models.

Should the installation be done by a professional?

The Hoterway shower column has been designed to be installed by an untrained person in about two hours, following the installation procedure provided. However, a technical installation service can be requested.

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Qual o ciclo de vida do Hoterway?

The Hoterway has a 20-year guarantee and a theoretical infinite life cycle thanks to the basic principle of heat accumulation, which is fully reversible and does not degrade heat accumulation capacity.

The Hoterway requires no maintenance whatsoever. If, for any reason, the thermal batteries discharge completely, one use is all it takes to bring them back to full capacity.

How do I know if it will work in my house?

The Hoterway is compatible with any water heating system, and there is only one requirement for it to work: when the hot water reaches the shower, the temperature must be above 50 ºC.

In some cases, it may be necessary to make a small adjustment to the temperature of the heating system, which is a good practice.

This adjustment does not represent an increase in energy consumption. Watch the explanation.

How do I know if it has enough capacity?

The Hoterway has the capacity to heat 12 liters of water 24 hours after the last use (stagnation temperature 20 ºC | hot water flow 8 L/min).

With the help of a container, you can check how much water comes out of your shower until the hot water arrives. If it’s above 12 liters, you’ll still have hot water as soon as you turn on the tap. However, after the 12 liters come out, you’ll have a moment of lukewarm water until the hot water arrives.

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